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Town Board- Regular
Meeting Date: 10/27/2021  

PUBLIC DISCUSSION (three minutes per speaker)

MARIJUANA LEGISLATION-- Should the Town of Greenburgh (unincorporated area) OPT-OUT, OPT-IN, or OPT-IN WITH CONDITIONS? 

Earlier this year NYS legalized marijuana throughout the state for anyone 21 years or older.   If your neighbors are smoking marijuana and you find the smell problematic, there is nothing the town can do about it.  Smoking marijuana  is now legal in NYS almost everywhere smoking cigarettes is legal.  The Town cannot opt-out of that.  Municipalities can, however, opt-out of allowing cannabis retail dispensaries and/or on-site consumption licenses (cannabis lounges) if a local law is adopted by 12/31/2021.  If a municipality does not opt-out by 12/31, it cannot opt-out in the future, but if a municipality does opt-out before 12/31, it can opt back in at a later date.  Another option is to opt-in with conditions, such as allowing dispensaries but not lounges, and/or allowing them only in certain non-residential zones away from schools, playgrounds, etc.  Let us know what you think by speaking at this meeting remotely by Zoom Webinar (email for the link which will be sent about 6:30 PM), by speaking in person at Town Hall, or by emailing extended written comments to the Town Board via  
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