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  Public Hearing     7. 5.    
Town Board- Regular
Meeting Date: 12/11/2019  

Item (2) Continued from 9/25/19 Town Board Meeting, adjourned from 10/23/19 Town Board Meeting and 11/25/19.  To consider (1) eliminating the current hydrant rental charge imposed by the Greenburgh Consolidated Water District (GCWD) on the Fairview Fire District, Greenville Fire District and Hartsdale Fire District, as well as on villages providing Fire Protection District services to areas served by the GCWD and (2) adding a fire hydrant charge to GCWD water usage bills and, if so, the preferred method for doing so (Held over to Town Board Meeting of 12/18/19)

TB 2019 1113 PUBLIC HEARING DOC Greenburgh Hydrant Surcharge Eval Memo - 6-14-19

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