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                  TOWN OF GREENBURGH
THURSDAY, December 10, 2020 – 6:30 P.M.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no public gathering in Town Hall for this meeting, which will take place via Zoom video conference. If you wish to view this meeting live, please send an email to planning@greenburghny.com or call 914-989-1530 to receive instructions. The meeting will be available to be streamed as an archive, via the Town's website.

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  1. November 12, 2020
a. Case No. PB 20-18 Eagle Energy Storage, LLC, 200 Knollwood Road Extension – Knollwood Country Club (P.O. Elmsford N.Y.) – Planning Board Steep Slope Permit, Wetland/Watercourse Permit, and Tree Removal PermitA Planning Board steep slope permit and wetland/watercourse permit application for a project consisting of the proposed construction of a 20 MegaWatt Battery Energy Storage System on a portion of the Knollwood Country Club property. The applicant is proposing the construction of an electrical conduit through the Knollwood Country property to connect to the existing Con-Edison electrical substation on NYS Route 119, located in the Village of Elmsford. The applicant is proposing to lease approximately 69,960 sq. ft. (1.6 acres) of the 5,867,532 sq. ft. (134.7 acres) constituting the Knollwood Country property, for the purposes of this project. The applicant proposes approximately 3,339 sq. ft. of disturbance to 15-25% slopes (STEEP SLOPES), 2,934 sq. ft. of disturbance to 25-35% slopes (VERY STEEP SLOPES), and 1,312 sq. ft. of disturbance to 35%+ slopes (EXCESSIVELY STEEP SLOPES). The applicant is proposing approximately 3,069 sq. ft. of disturbance to the 7,405 sq. ft. of wetland/watercourse buffer area on the property. The applicant proposes the removal of 48 regulated trees, requiring a tree removal permit. The project area consists of approximately 69,960 sq. ft. (1.6 acres) within the 5,867,532 sq. ft. (134.7 acres) making up the Knollwood Country property, and is situated on the northwest side of Knollwood Road, 400 feet north of the intersection of Knollwood Road and Old Tarrytown Road. The property is located in the R-30 One-Family Residence District and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 7.341-168-1.
  • Brief discussion on status
  • Formally ratify letter to the Town Board
b. Case No. TB 18-02 Elmwood Preserve, 850 Dobbs Ferry Road (P.O. White Plains N.Y.) – DEIS ReviewA meeting to hear, as an Interested Agency, a presentation from the Applicant regarding the DEIS for a Zoning Map Petition (Zone Map change from R-30/R-20 to R-20, and Zoning Map change to Planned Unit Development - PUD; Town Board approval required) for a proposal consisting of a 175-unit townhouse development that would consist of age restricted (55+) housing. The existing zoning districts of the site yield a maximum 119 unit conventional single family subdivision plan. Several alternative use and layout proposals were included in the DEIS. The site’s development (if rezoned to a PUD) would require site plan (Planning Board approval). Development at the site will require Planning Board steep slope, wetland/watercourse and tree removal (Town Forestry Officer approval) permit application, and Subdivision approval (Planning Board approval). The approximately 107-acre subject site (850 Dobbs Ferry Road, P.O. White Plains, Parcel ID 7.530-320-1…SE and 1…SG) was a former golf course (Elmwood Country Club – Dobbs Ferry Road) which is no longer in existence. The property is located in the R-20 and R-30 One-Family Residence Districts and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.370-265-1, 8.370-265-2, 8.370-265-3 and 8.370-265-4.
5. ON-GOING ITEMS review of status and ongoing considerations
  • Tree Law – Update
  • Elmwood
  • 4 Corners proposal
  • Excess Food for Needy Law – status
  • Development process and procedures – Town Code and SEQR
  • CAC Guide under Town Code and SEQR
  • SWAB
  • Web Page
  • TB 19-08: Metropolis environmental considerations – follow up
  • Blower Law - update
  • Invasive Plants
  1. January 14, 2021

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