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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 01/06/2021  

Case No. TB 20-10/PB 20-21 Brightview-Metropolis, 289 Dobbs Ferry Road (P.O. White Plains, N.Y.) – Town Board Site Plan and Special Permit (referral to Planning Board), Preliminary Subdivision, Planning Board Steep Slope Permit, and Tree Removal Permit
A work session to discuss a Town Board site plan and special permit (Town Board approvals – referral to Planning Board), preliminary 3-lot subdivision, Planning Board steep slope permit, and tree removal permit application for a project consisting of the proposed construction of a 155-unit (186 bed), approximately 174,571 sq. ft. Continuum of Care Facility on an approximately 5 acre lot (proposed Lot 2) of what currently is part of the Metropolis Country Club property. The applicant is proposing an approximately 3 acre lot (proposed Lot 3) adjacent and contiguous conservation easement area to meet the required 8 acres for a Continuum of Care Facility. Both new lots (Lots 2 & 3) are proposed as part of the preliminary subdivision application. The applicant proposes approximately 176,139 sq. ft. of disturbance to 15-25% slopes (STEEP SLOPES), approximately 29,259 sq. f.t of disturbance to 25-35% slopes (VERY STEEP SLOPES), and approximately 3,755 sq. ft. of disturbance to 35%+ slopes (EXCESSIVELY STEEP SLOPES). The applicant proposes the installation of Stormtech stormwater chambers and a detention pond to handle the additional stormwater runoff. The applicant proposes the removal of 192 regulated trees, requiring a tree removal permit, and has prepared a landscaping plan calling for the planting of 221 trees, as replacement. The properties consist of an approximately 217,831 sq. ft. (5 acres) lot to be developed and a conservation easement area consisting of approximately 137,882 sq. ft. (3.17 acres) and are situated on the southerly side of Dobbs Ferry Road, west of Sciortino Place. The properties are located in the R-15 and R-20 Zoning Districts and are designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.10-1-6, 8.141-94-15,16,17 & 18.

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