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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/02/2021  



Case No. PB 21-03 Marron, 710 Ardsley Road (P.O. Scardsale, N.Y.) – Preliminary Subdivision and Wetland/Watercourse Permit A work session to discuss the decision of a preliminary subdivision and wetland/watercourse permit application involving the proposed resubdivision of 3 existing lots, for the purposes of: (1) connecting the driveway of the existing residence on Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.1 to a proposed private, cul-de-sac roadway, associated with an adjacent subdivision currently under consideration by the Town (Case No. PB 17-06 NRSF, Ardsley Road & Sprain Road Subdivision); (2) providing potential future driveway access for Parcel 8.390-275-9.2 to the above referenced private, cul-de-sac roadway; and (3) to straighten the easterly property line associated with Parcel 8.390-275-9.3. Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.1 currently consists of 25,172 sq. ft. and is proposed to consist of 27,806 sq. ft. Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.2 currently consists of 23,217 sq. ft. and is proposed to consist of 20,171 sq. ft. Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.3 currently consists of 20,012 sq. ft. and is proposed to consist of 20,423 sq. ft. The existing driveway to the Marron residence on Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.1 is proposed to be removed and planted with trees and shrubs. An off-site wetland exists, with the 100-foot regulated buffer extending onto the applicant’s site. The applicant is proposing the disturbance of approximately 4,655 sq. ft. of wetland/watercourse buffer area, within the approximately 10,160 sq. ft. of wetland/watercourse buffer area on-site. It is noted that the Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.2 and 8.390-275-9.3 are part of a previously approved subdivision, where Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.2 contains a portion of an existing pool and Parcel ID 8.390-275-9.3 is undeveloped. The properties consist of approximately 68,400 sq. ft. (1.67 acres) and are situated on the east side of the intersection of Ardsley Road and Old Sprain Road. The properties are located in the R-20 One-Family Residence District, and are designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.390-275-9.1, 8.390-275-9.2, and 8.390-275-9.3

Fiscal Impact
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