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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 06/02/2021  



Case No. TB 21-07/PB 21-05 Ferncliff Cemetery, 280 Secor Road (P.O. Hartsdale, N.Y.) – Amended Site Plan (Town Board Referral), Town Board Tree Removal Permit, and Planning Board Steep Slope Permit
A work session to discuss a recommendation to the Town Board on an amended site plan (Town Board approval – referral to Planning Board) and Town Board tree removal permit application involving the proposed development of a portion of the Ferncliff Cemetery to install underground concrete vaults, with related improvements. The applicant is proposing the construction of various crypts and burial vaults on previously undeveloped cemetery land, with related retaining walls and landscaping. The applicant is proposing the removal of 48 regulated trees, requiring a tree removal permit from the Town Board, and has prepared a landscaping plan providing for the planting of 15 trees, 1,362 shrubs, and various groundcovers, as replacement.he applicant proposes approximately 12,928 sq. ft. of disturbance to 15-25% slopes (STEEP SLOPES), approximately 2,255 sq. f.t of disturbance to 25-35% slopes (VERY STEEP SLOPES), and approximately 1,118 sq. ft. of disturbance to 35%+ slopes (EXCESSIVELY STEEP SLOPES), requiring a steep slope permit from the Planning Board. The property consists of approximately 2,765,189 sq. ft. (63.48 acres) and is situated along the north side of Secor Road. It was most recently the subject of an amended site plan as part of Case No. TB 19-22, that was approved by the Town Board February 12, 2020. The property is located in the R-30 One-Family Residence District and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.171-123-1.

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