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July 22, 2021 – 6:30 p.m.
Lee F. Jackson Conference Room


1)   Agenda

2)   Minutes 6/24/21 meeting

3)   Ethics Training update

4)   Financial Disclosure Form filing update

5)   Update on amending COE Section 570-8

6)   Correspondence

7)   Vote on advisory opinion accelerated at the request of Mr. Feiner.

8)   Citizen Complaint Hal Samis v David Fried 6/24/21

9)   Next Meeting Date


Agenda items may not necessarily be taken in the above order. Also, listing of items on the agenda is subject to time permitted to reach the item prior to the scheduled conclusion of the meeting.

Pursuant to Town Code 570-1l(F) all written opinions, advisory opinions, findings and recommendations shall be a matter of public record and shall be filed in the office of the Town Clerk. Prior to the time of issuance, to the extent required and permitted by law, all deliberations shall be confidential and information shall be kept confidential.

Board of Ethics Rule 4UJ: "It is the intent of the BOE, subject to reasonable rules as it may impose, to allow the public to speak. A public comment period may be scheduled on the agenda, at the discretion of the Board. Public comment is subject to the necessary rule of avoiding excessive repetition, obstructionism or personal attacks. The Chair, or a majority of the members, may rule that a speaker is out-of-order, and upon such ruling by the majority of members present, the speaker may not speak further at the meeting.

In an attempt to balance the benefits of public comments and the efficient administration of the work of the Board of Ethics, the Board will generally use the follow procedure: (I) first discuss the agenda items and make tentative decisions, (ii) hear public comments during the specified time period and (iii) after public comments, make its final decisions. Each speaker may address the Board for a total of three minutes. From time to time, however, a member of the Board of Ethics may wish to ask a question or seek comments from the public during the initial discussion of an agenda item.


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