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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 07/21/2021  



Case No. PB 21-14 Marian Woods, 152 Ridge Road (P.O. Hartsdale, N.Y.) – Preliminary Subdivision (Pre-Submission Conference)
A pre-submission conference to discuss a potential future subdivision application involving the subdivision of one (1) existing lot into two (2) lots for the purpose of isolating an existing house (Coolock House), to be used as a residence. The existing 488,908 sq. ft. (11.22 acres) property is proposed to be subdivided to create a separate, 43,560 sq. ft. (1 acre) parcel to contain an existing residence which is to remain. The property is located adjacent to the Hart’s Brook Park and Preserve site and currently contains the Coolock House mansion and the Sister of Mercy adult care facility and convent. The new, 1 acre parcel would contain the Coolock House mansion and some surrounding land area. Minor site work is proposed to modify the existing driveway and provide a dedicated parking area for the mansion, as well as related landscaping. The mansion (residence) would be accessed via the same road it currently is, with an easement provided. The applicant has indicated that two (2) area variances likely are required, related to not having direct access and frontage onto a roadway built to Town standards. The property consists of approximately 488,908 sq. ft. (11.22 acres) and is situated on the south side of Ridge Road, approximately 200 feet from its intersection with Hillcrest Road, The property is located in the R-20 One-Family Residence District, and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.241-181-4.2.

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