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  Tax     6. 1.    
Town Board- Regular
Meeting Date: 07/27/2021  

The Town of Greenburgh continues to offer the option of viewing tax bills and paying taxes online.  From the Web site, click "Online Payments" then "Pay your Property Taxes Online."  Read the information provided, click "Continue" and enter your street address without including Rd, St, Pl, Ln, etc.  For example, "123 Main Street" would be entered as "123 Main" and nothing else.  You may also leave out your street number, which will then produce a listing of every property on that street.  The result will be your tax bill, showing balance due, if any, and any late penalties accrued.  There is no fee for paying online by electronic check.  Credit/Debit Card options are also available.

Want a very detailed breakdown of your tax bill online?  From, click "Departments," then "Tax Department," then "Click here for Tax Status Information."  After accepting the terms and conditions, simply enter your name, address (street number and street name) or account number.  The property tax charges and payment history, in great detail, is shown from 2012 to present.  If there are unpaid taxes, the listing shows that as well for each bill.  "Click on "Bill Details" for each collection period.

Outstanding balances will accrue additional penalties set by Westchester County Tax Law Chapter 283 starting August 1, 2021 so please use the above resources to make timely payments.

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