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  Attorney     11. 1.    
Town Board- Regular
Meeting Date: 09/08/2021  

AT 1 – 9/08/2021
Resolution approving the continued retention of Thomas J. Troetti, Esq., to represent Greenburgh Police Detective Eduardo Demele [Sic] in the matter of Michael Marom, et ano v. Town of Greenburgh, et al, for an amount not to exceed $25,000, ($50,000 In total)

TB 2021 0908 AT-1 reso Retain Troetti as Outside Counsel re Michael Marom et ano v TOG et ano 2 R 0908
TB 2021 0908 AT-1 data Adopted 2019 0724 AT-4 reso Retain Troetti re Marom, et ano v TOG et al

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