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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 09/14/2021  



Case No. PB 21-10 Parashis, 23 Springwood Avenue (P.O. Ardsley, N.Y.) – Planning Board Steep Slope Permit
A continuation of a work session (August 4, 2021) to discuss a Planning Board steep slope permit application involving the proposed construction of a two-car garage, as well as front and rear additions to the home. The applicants propose to demolish retaining walls and staircases at the front of the house and construct a new two-car garage, a new stairway up to the house with planters, an extended front entrance to the house, and a retaining wall. The applicants currently do not have a driveway. The applicants propose to construct a three-season room/enclosed deck in the rear of the house. The applicants additionally propose to replace their roof to support 17kW solar panels. The applicants propose approximately 567 sq. ft. of disturbance to 15-25% slopes (STEEP SLOPES), approximately 734 sq. f.t of disturbance to 25-35% slopes (VERY STEEP SLOPES), and approximately 331 sq. ft. of disturbance to 35%+ slopes (EXCESSIVELY STEEP SLOPES). The project requires approximately 178 cubic yards of excavation. The applicants propose the addition of two (2) new drywell units to handle the runoff created by impervious surfaces. The following five (5) area variances are required: (1) front setback to principal building from 20 feet required to 17.5 feet proposed; (2) accessory structure setback to principal building from 10 feet required to 3.666 feet proposed; (3) accessory structure setback to side yard from 10 feet required to 0 feet proposed; (4) accessory structure coverage from 6% permitted to 6.4% proposed, and; (5) accessory structure in a front yard. The property consists of approximately 7,500 sq. ft. (0.17 acres) and is situated along the west side of Springwood Avenue, approximately 700 feet from the intersection of Springwood Avenue and Riverview Avenue. The property is located in the R-7.5 One-Family Residence District and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.320-238-13.

Fiscal Impact
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