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Agenda for Special Meeting of the Greenburgh Town Board
Tuesday, March 30, 2021, 7:00 PM
ROLL CALL:   Town Clerk
TOWN BOARD – 989-1540
TB 1 - 3/30/2021
Resolution to add parking restrictions on North Road and South Road between the intersections of Lincoln Place and Van Buren Place, and on Polk Place, Tyler Place, Harrison Place and Van Buren Place, amending Chapter 460 of the Greenburgh Town Code
TB 2 - 3/30/2021
Resolution of the Town Board of the Town of Greenburgh accepting the Police Reform Report of the Greenburgh Against Systemic Racism (GASR) Law Enforcement Committee and adopting a plan of action for implementing recommendations in the report (Held over to 3/31/2021, 7:00 PM, Special Meeting of the Town Board)
PUBLIC WORKS - 989-1575
PW 1 - 3/30/2021
Resolution authorizing Change Order #1, amending the contract with Vernon Hills Contracting Corporation for the ADA Site Improvements at the Pool in Anthony F. Veteran Park, to provide additional site work for an amount not to exceed ($72,000.00)
PW 2 - 3/30/2021
Resolution authorizing change order #1 extending the 2020 contract for the Old Tarrytown Road and Manhattan Avenue Sidewalk Improvements in the Town of Greenburgh previously awarded to the lowest bidder, Peter J. Landi, Inc., originally designated at a limit of $705,110; for an additional amount not to exceed $821,510

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