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Planning Board Meeting
Meeting Date: 04/07/2021  



Case No. PB 04-33­ Badolato Subdivision, Springwood Avenue (P.O. Ardsley, N.Y.) – Planning Board Steep Slope Permit 9th Extension RequestA work session to discuss a request for a 180-day extension of a Planning Board steep slope permit. The applicant previously received approvals to subdivide four (4) existing lots and create one (1) new lot for the purposes of constructing one (1) new single-family residence with a driveway connection on the corner of Springwood Avenue and Chestnut Avenue. An initial Planning Board steep slope permit was granted on April 21, 2011. The Planning Board steep slope permit associated with the project is set to expire on April 5, 2021. A steep slope permit extension of 180-days, if granted, would be valid through October 2, 2021. The property consists of approximately 9,856 square feet and is situated on the west side of Springwood Avenue approximately 300 feet from the intersection of Hillcrest Avenue and Chestnut Street. The property is located in the R-7.5 One-Family Residence District and is designated on the tax map of the Town of Greenburgh as Parcel ID: 8.380-271-69.

Fiscal Impact
Extension Request

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